Where are you located?


Saint George's is located at 801 East Commerce Street in Milford, MI.  MAP  We are 3 blocks East of Main Street (downtown Milford) on the North side of East Commerce.   <back to top  



What should I expect when I arrive?


A Greeter will meet you in our entryway.  Let them know you are a visitor.  They will point out where to put your coat, where the restrooms are located and provide you with a service bulletin.  They will also ask you if you want to wear a name tag and if you would fill out a visitor card.  Please feel free to sit where ever you feel comfortable.  The Greeter will ask if you would like a member to sit near you to help follow our service.   <back to top  



How long will the service last?


Sunday worship services take place at 8:00am and 10:00am and last about 1 hour and 15 minutes.   <back to top 



How should I dress?


Some people wear suits, others wear jeans.  We have no 'special' dress code.  Please feel free to wear what makes you comfortable.   <back to top 



What if I have children?


Children are always welcome at Saint George's!  Our 10:00am service is geared towards families.   <back to top



What should I expect during the service?


We use three main books during our service.  The Book of Common Prayer (red cover), the 1982 Hymnal (blue cover) and the Bible.  Both are located in the pews.  The bulletin you received from our ushers is your guide to the service. 


During a typical service we listen to the readings, hear the priest give a sermon, pray, confess our sins, and participate in Holy Communion.  Feel free to stand, sit or kneel as you are able.  If you have never been to an Episcopal Church service before, we invite you to sit back and observe our service, following along in the bulletin.   <back to top 



Do I need to be a member to take Communion?


All baptized Christians, regardless of your denomination, are invited to take Communion.  If you prefer, you may receive a blessing by the priest.  Just cross your arms over your chest at the altar rail.   <back to top 



Are you handicap accessible?


Saint Geoge's is handicap accessible.  Please ask an Usher or Greeter to help you to your seat.  We also have a 'spare' walker and wheelchair available.  If you are unable to come to the altar, but would like to receive Communion, please let the usher know.  The priest will bring the bread and wine to you.  Additionally, in Spring of 2014 we added a handicap restroom in Parish Hall.  

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What is fellowship time?


You are invited to join us following the 10:00am worship service for coffee, refreshments and fellowship in our Parish Hall and after the 8:00am service on the first Sunday of each month. This is a great opportunity for you to meet our members, speak with the priest and learn about our activities and outreach programs.   <back to top 



How can I get more involved?


There are many different opportunities to get involved at Saint George's.  Whether your interest is in teaching children, singing in the choir, participating in the service, helping with fellowship time or getting involved in a community project, we welcome your participation.  Check out our MINISTRIES TAB for more information.  Got a new ministry idea?  Contact Fr. Paul.   <back to top  



How do I become a member?


Saint George's invites all people to participate in our congregational life.  You do not have to be a 'formal' member to participate in choir, Sunday School, fellowship events or to request pastoral care.  Once you have decided to become a member, our priest will meet with you to discuss the next steps.   <back to top 



Can non-members be married or baptized at your church?


While not typical, it is possible to be married or have your child baptized at Saint George's.  If you are interested, please contact the church office at 248-684-0495 to make an appointment to meet with our priest.   <back to top